YuJet USA Rental Station

YuJet USA Rental Station

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The YuJet Rental Station is a self-contained storage and charging solution. It can be installed on any beach shore non-permanently. It can be stored easily off-season and reassembled quickly when the season starts.

With 4 high-capacity solar panels, the rental station provides the electricity needed to recharge up to four batteries at a time, without being connected to the electrical grid.

It also provides a changing room with individual lockers to store the customers valuable while he is out on the water.

The Yujet Rental station is designed for those that operate a rental business. The station is designed to be installed on beaches, or along rivers or lakes. It operates independently from the power grid and provides the following functionalities:

  • Surfboard storage
  • Battery charging (up to 4 simultaneously) using the 4 built-in solar panels
  • TV Screen (self-provided for type and size choice), displaying advertising, instructional, and safety videos
  • Changing room with individual lockers (wallet, phone, and other valuables)

Rental operators will enjoy this elegantly integrated solution that allows running their businesses efficiently.



Stores up to six boards and charges simultaneously 4 batteries


The rental operation owner provides its own TV screen, allowing for the choice of model and size.


Charges all YuJet batteries using integrated solar panels.


Two YuJet batteries every 2 hours