About Us

About Us

The Yujet brand was founded on the premise of bringing world class products to market in order to provide the most amount of fun on the water. This innovative brand is the culmination of years of experience as well as like minded individuals from various backgrounds, skills and resources. This collective has been formed by pro surfers, designers, engineers, investors and business executives with significant experience in mass manufacturing, sales and marketing.

In the past few years we noticed there hasn’t been a revolutionary product for some time in the powered water sports line. With years of passion and commitment to watersports combined with our experience in using existing and emerging technologies Yujet is the right company to bring new and revolutionary products to a market hungry for innovation.

Why YuJet?

High-Powered Replaceable Battery

This fully waterproof and rechargeable lithium battery will supply your ride with up to 40 minutes of non-stop fun

Wireless Variable Speed Remote

With the wireless remote controller you can adjust and fine-tune your speed using the variable speed trigger.

High Powered Electric Propulsion

We take jet propulsion to the new era with a high strength carbon infused intake and impeller that allows speeds up to 24MPH.


Yujet Surfer - Jetboard

Enjoy up to 40-minute ride time with the high-powered replaceable battery.  


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