YuJet Surfer


You Can't Measure Fun.

Or Can You?

Electric Jetboard

The YuJet Surfer

Enjoy up to 40-minute ride time with the high-powered replaceable battery.  


Electric Jetboard

YuJet Surfer XT Jetboard

Roto-mold durability to power you through your greatest adventures.


Why Yujet?

High-Powered Replaceable Battery

This fully waterproof and rechargeable lithium battery will supply your ride with up to 40 minutes of non-stop fun

Wireless Variable Speed Remote

With the wireless remote controller you can adjust and fine-tune your speed using the variable speed trigger.

High Powered Electric Propulsion

We take jet propulsion to the new era with a high strength carbon infused intake and impeller that allows speeds up to 24MPH.

Go Surf.

Yujet Electric Surfboards in Action!


Customer Impressions

I’ve always struggled trying to wakeboard and surf, but the YuJet brings the best of both worlds and it’s so easy! It only took me a few times to get the hang of it and keep my balance before I was cruising through waves at full speed. It’s quick and convenient to take the board onto our boat to surf anywhere we want. I was also surprised at how smooth it rides over the waves and how fast it goes. This is such a great water toy for the whole family to enjoy!

Nicole Catlin

I jumped on the board and was ripping through the waves in no time. The board had no problem holding this 55 year old guy and letting me feel like a young kid again.

Andy 55 Year Old Surfer

Its hard to not smile when you’re flying through the ocean like the silver surfer. Everyone who sees the boards in action is amazed and wants to try it. I’ve rode a lot of boards in my day but the Yujet has to be the most user friendly board on the market. I can throw anyone on a board and watch them cruise off into the sunset.


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