The yujet surfer electric jetboard


Introducing every kid's dream and the 21st century's version of a mid-life crisis... The YuJet Surfer.  

Be the envy of all your friends with this new fully electric, full carbon fiber, jet-powered surfboard. This board will quite literally put a jet engine beneath your feet. (yep, no kidding)  

Besides for making Roger down the street jealous, you can finally answer the question of what happens when you combine a surfboard with the power of a jetski!



$9,999 $9,499


Pass on the gas, this thing is fully electric!

The YuJet Surfer is made with full carbon fiber construction throughout and has up to a 40-min ride time @ a top speed of 24MPH !

Included in box:

1 YuJet Surfer Board
1 36mAh Lithium Ion Battery
1 Intelligent Battery Charger
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Wireless Remote Control Charger
1 Set of Fins (4 Fins)
1 Safety Magnet
1 Leash
4 Handles on Board
Quick Start Guide
YuJet Warranty

YuJet In Action